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Tiffany and Jason got married at the beautiful Courtyard on St. James Place. They had a morning ceremony and for their reception they served brunch for everyone. =) I adored their centerpieces! They were so unique and pretty! We really had a great time shooting and meeting their family + friends. Thank you so much for being so wonderful to us! Congratulations NEWLYWEDS! Check out the highlights from Tiffany and Jason's wedding day bliss...=)

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Jeremy and Melissa got married on October 17th, 2010 at Ashton Gardens. When the beautiful ceremony ended, the couple and wedding party didn't do the traditional recessional. They danced through the aisle to I GOTTA FEELING by the Black Eyed Peas. It was the coolest exit!!! We had such a great time shooting and it was definitely a memorable event for everyone! Congratulations to the newlyweds!!! Here are the highlights from Jeremy and Melissa's wedding...=)

JEM1.jpg JEM2.jpg JEM3.jpg JEM4.jpg JEM5.jpg JEM6.jpg JEM7.jpg JEM8.jpg JEM9.jpg JEM10.jpg JEM11.jpg JEM13.jpg JEM14.jpg JEM15.jpg JEM16.jpg JEM17.jpg JEM18.jpg JEM19.jpg JEM20.jpg JEM21.jpg JEM23.jpg jem24.jpg jem25.jpg jem26.jpg jem27.jpg jem28.jpg jem29.jpg jem29b.jpg jem30.jpg jem31.jpg jem32.jpg jem33.jpg jem34.jpg jem35.jpg jem36.jpg jem37.jpg jem38.jpg jem39.jpg jem40.jpg jem41.jpg jem47.jpg jem42.jpg jem43.jpg jem44.jpg jem46.jpg jem48.jpg jem49.jpg jem50.jpg
Gabriela and Joseph got married on October 16th at Sagemont Church. The reception venue was at Brady's Landing. It was a night to remember! The beautiful couple looked so happy and in love! Congratulations to the newlyweds! Here are the highlights from Gabriela and Joseph's wedding bliss...=)
JG1.jpg JG2.jpg JG4.jpg JG3.jpg JG5.jpg JG8.jpg JG7.jpg JG6.jpg JG9.jpg JG11.jpg JG10.jpg JG12.jpg JG13.jpg JG14.jpg JG15.jpg JG16.jpg JG17.jpg JG18.jpg JG21.jpg JG19.jpg JG22.jpg JG20.jpg JG23.jpg JG25.jpg JG24.jpg JG26.jpg JG27.jpg JG28.jpg JG29.jpg JG30.jpg JG31.jpg JG32.jpg JG33.jpg JG34.jpg JG35.jpg JG36.jpg JG37.jpg JG38.jpg
Sara and Rick got married at West University Methodist Church on September 25, 2010. It was a beautiful ceremony attended by their closest friends and family. The reception was at the Rockefeller Hall where the couple and their guests danced the night away! Congratulations to the Newlyweds! Here are the highlights from Sara & Rick's wedding...Enjoy!


SR2A.jpg SR4A.jpg SR3A.jpg SR5A.jpg SR7.jpg SR7A.jpg SR8.jpg SR9.jpg SR12.jpg SR10.jpg SR13.jpg SR11.jpg SR14.jpg SR15.jpg SR23.jpg SR16.jpg SR17.jpg SR18.jpg SR19.jpg SR20.jpg SR6A.jpg SR21.jpg SR22.jpg SR24.jpg SR25.jpg SR29.jpg SR26.jpg SR27.jpg SR30.jpg SR28.jpg SR31.jpg SR32.jpg SR34.jpg SR33.jpg SR35.jpg SR36.jpg
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