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Patricia Krueger:

These are so fun. I am so sorry you won't be able to photograph our daughter's wedding in July. Joy told me your wonderful news and we are happy for you. She is still struggling to find someone that has your talent.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!

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Photography By: Billie Roche

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Photography By: Billie and Ryan Roche
The Heights Villa

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sheri the maid of honor:

billie the pictures are soooo wonderful!!! you captured so much that it wont have to be just a memory, we can actually go back to that night through your pictures. i especially love the pictures that you captured of my mother, she would have loved to see them. the gorgeous picture of the family that you sent went in her obituary. words cant say enough how thankful we are.

Joslyn Long time friend 4 ever:

Simply Breath taking every picture!!!

Chantrell S. :

The photography is amazing. The photos capture the serene bliss that love provides. Thanks for the wonderful photo journey.

Keesha Allen - #1Maid of Honor:

The photos are phenomenal. The bride and groom are a beautiful couple, in which, the photos have captured that wonderfully. I had so much fun at the wedding, and thankful to be a part of the event. And yes, the photos of Judy are especially sentimental and dear to my heart. Thank you, once again, for doing an awesome job in taking our photos - Billie

Lilly Flenoy:

Bianca, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful wedding pictures with me. Your pictures really allowed me to capture your wonderfully blessed day. I pray God's blessing over you, your husband and your son. Hope to see at the hair salon soon. Enjoy your new union and give God the Glory & Praise. Love you, Mrs. Lilly

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Photography By: Billie&Ryan Roche
Wedding: A.D. Bruce Religion Center
Reception: Crowne Plaza River Oaks

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Jenny + Che got married at Kim Son Bellaire. The ceremony was short and sweet! It was definitely party time after that! The couple's entrance was my favorite! =) We had an amazing time shooting this wedding. It was also nice to see some of our friends and we got to work with our favorite DJ Dau of iNSTANTainment. Congratulations to the lovebirds Jenny and Che! Thank you for making us your photographers! Here are the highlights from the newlyweds awesome wedding...ENJOY!

CHJ1.jpg CHJ2.jpg CHJ4.jpg CHJ9.jpg CHJ3.jpg CHJ5.jpg CHJ6.jpg CHJ7.jpg CHJ10.jpg CHJ12.jpg CHJ13.jpg CHJ8.jpg CHJ15.jpg CHJ14.jpg CHJ40.jpg CHJ18.jpg CHJ16.jpg CHJ17.jpg CHJ19.jpg CHJ20.jpg CHJ22.jpg CHJ24.jpg CHJ21.jpg CHJ23.jpg CHJ25.jpg CHJ27.jpg CHJ29.jpg CHJ28.jpg CHJ30.jpg CHJ31.jpg CHJ37.jpg CHJ38.jpg CHJ39.jpg CHJ32.jpg chj33.jpg CHJ34.jpg CHJ36.jpg CHJ35.jpg CHJ41.jpg CHJ42.jpg CHJ43.jpg CHJ44.jpg CHJ45.jpg CHJ46.jpg CHJ47.jpg CHJ48.jpg CHJ49.jpg CHJ50.jpg CHJ51.jpg CHJ52.jpg CHJ53.jpg CHJ54.jpg CHJ55.jpg CHJ56.jpg CHJ57.jpg CHJ58.jpg CHJ59.jpg CHJ60.jpg CHJ61.jpg CHJ64.jpg CHJ62.jpg CHJ63.jpg
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billie roche:

The Bride got ready at the posh Hotel Sorella -http://www.hotelsorella-citycentre.com/
Flowers and Decor by Laura Tran - http://www.scf.smugmug.com/
Ceremony and Reception was at KIM SON Bellaire - http://www.kimson.com/
DJ and Sound Entertainment - Instantainment

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