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Cecilia Bloom:


Keely :

You are such a fantastic wedding photographer! One of my favorite things to do is to browse blogs like yours and admire the photographs. I really like your use of textures. I think my favorite picture was the one where the rings are one the woven mat. I also like how the pictures have a kind of brown overlay, like they are just starting to age. It gives them a romantic feel, I think.

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Congratulations to Alex and Jessica! What a great couple! We had a blast shooting the wedding. Thank you so much for being so wonderful! Here's a sneak peak from Alex and Jessica's Big Day... Enjoy!

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beautiful photos!

Alex and Jessica:

You guys were beyond fantastic! It was such a pleasure to have you photograph our wedding. We had a great time and the photos are everything we hoped for and more. A truely creative and wonderful team....In life and behind the camera.

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{Glenn + Melissa }
Photography by: Billie & Ryan Roche
Second Baptist Church
Courtyard on St. James

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Rachel V. :

More amazing then I could of dreamed! Thanks so much for everything Billie and Ryan!! : ) .

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