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Jamie and David got married at the beautiful Chateau Polonez. The ceremony was short and sweet. The reception followed right after and that's when the party started! We enjoyed meeting Jamie and David's friends and family. They were such a fun bunch and so easy to work with. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Enjoy this sneak preview of your gorgeous old hollywood wedding...=)


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Daryl & Karen celebrated their marriage on August 18, 2012. The lovely ceremony was held at Notre Dame church and reception was at the Hilton Southwest. Daryl is Ryan's high school friend so it was definitely nice to be a part of their wedding. I loved the special performance by Karen and her girls. They were singing and dancing to the hit song "Call me maybe" and busted out big photos of Daryl. That was hilarious! We had a great time shooting and we couldn't be happier for them. Congratulations and thank you for being so wonderful to us! Here is a sneak preview of Daryl and Karen's wedding bliss... dk.jpg dk2.jpg dk3.jpg dk4.jpg dk5.jpg dk6.jpg dk7.jpg dk8.jpg dk9.jpg dk9a.jpg dk10.jpg dk11.jpg dk12.jpg dk13.jpg dk14.jpg dk15.jpg dk16.jpg dk17.jpg dk18.jpg dk19.jpg dk20.jpg dk21.jpg dk22.jpg dk23.jpg dk24.jpg dk25.jpg dk26.jpg dk27.jpg dk28.jpg dk29.jpg dk30.jpg dk31.jpg dk32.jpg dk33.jpg dk34.jpg dk35.jpg dk36.jpg dk37.jpg dk39.jpg dk40.jpg dk41.jpg dk42.jpg dk43.jpg dk44.jpg dk45.jpg dk47.jpg dk46.jpg dk48.jpg dk49.jpg dk50.jpg dk51.jpg dk52.jpg dk52a.jpg dk53.jpg dk54.jpg dk55.jpg dk56.jpg dk57.jpg dk58.jpg dk59.jpg dk60.jpg
Congratulations to the newlyweds! The ceremony and wedding was held at Ashton Gardens. It was such a sweet and intimate event. Thank you for being so wonderful to me and Ryan. We had a great time shooting and meeting your family and friends! Here's a sneak peak from Joe and Jennifer's wedding... Enjoy! JJW.jpg

jjw1.jpg jjw2.jpg jjw3.jpg jjw4.jpg jjw5a.jpg JJW7.jpg JJW8.jpg JJW9.jpg JJW10.jpg JJW11.jpg JJW12.jpg JJW13.jpg JJW14.jpg JJW15.jpg JJW16.jpg JJW17.jpg JJW17A.jpg JJW17B.jpg JJW17C.jpg JJW18.jpg JJW19.jpg JJW20.jpg JJW21.jpg JJW21A.jpg JJW22.jpg jjw23.jpg jjw24.jpg jjw25.jpg jjw25a.jpg jjw26.jpg
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Jennie Potts:

Flawless. <3 Amazing job!!! Cannot wait to see the rest :)


Thank you!!!

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Hello 2012 and Thank you 2011! 2011 has been an amazing year for us especially since we were blessed to have our first born child. Thank you to all our clients! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

Now, it is time to get back to photography mode! I found this site called PINTEREST and it is pretty interesting. You can create inspiration boards about anything. Here's my inspiration board for January which is ALL ABOUT WEDDINGS. 

Build yours or add mine at www.pinterest.com/billieroche

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